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About The Onganization
below is the brief discription about the Organization.
Corporate Profile
About Organization information will come here after aquiring information Regarding Brightway Agrichem is an Number one physical commodity trading company with an established international presence. Headquartered in Raipur with branch offices in numerous cities, Bright Way Agrichem has utilised its extensive network of experienced and qualified professionals to source for and provide quality chemical products to customers worldwide.

Bright Way Agrichem takes great pride in our team of young professionals. Multilingual, multi national and multi disciplinary, our diversified workforce is well equipped to cater to an increasingly international network of suppliers, customers and associates. Under the guidance of our strong leadership, we undertake Bright Way’s trading strategy to grow the company with dedication, diligence and dynamism.

Overview of the Fertilizing Industry
The global chemical fertilizer industry is worth an estimated US$100 billion with worldwide consumption in the region of 160 million tones annually. Corresponding closely with most, if not all the other commodities, the prices of manufactured fertilizers are sensitive to factors such as stock-to-use ratios, supply availability, crude oil prices, currencies, weather conditions in major agricultural economies and maritime freight rates.

These nutrients are usually classified into 3 categories, namely nitrogen, phosphates and potash with the 7 mainstream products being urea, DAP, ammonia, phosphoric acid, potash, phosphate rock, and sulphur.

About Us
Bright Way Agrichem Pvt. Ltd. is a company incorporated in India and functioning as a consequence of a Joint Venture arrangement between Liquid Fertilizers Pty. Ltd (LFPL), Australia and Getax Group, Singapore. The JV Company “Agrichem Getax Pte. Ltd” is incorporated in Singapore. LFPL is into liquid fertilizers for more than 25 years and selling its products in more than forty countries all over the world.

The company is a pioneer and global leader in plant nutrition solutions with an extensive range of liquid nutrient products (major and minor elements of plant nutrition). The products are compatible with many of the commonly used fungicides, pesticides and herbicides. world.

Agrichem is committed to quality and innovation in liquid nutrition. We understand that liquid nutrition is a relatively new technology. Our aim is to deliver the right programs to maximize yield production. We recognize that working closely with the industry to provide ROI (Return on Investment) and liquid nutrition innovation will enable us all to grow more together.

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