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Bright Way Agrichem has established an extensive supply base providing a variety of chemical products that cater to your specific individual......
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Welcome to BrightWay Agrichem
Bright Way Agrichem Pvt. Ltd. is a company incorporated in India and functioning as a consequence of a Joint Venture arrangement between Liquid Fertilizers Pty. Ltd (LFPL), Australia and Getax Group, Singapore. The JV Company “Agrichem Getax Pte. Ltd” is incorporated in Singapore. LFPL is into liquid fertilizers for more than 25 years and selling its products in more than forty countries all over the world.

The company is a pioneer and global leader in plant nutrition solutions with an extensive range of liquid nutrient products (major and minor elements of plant nutrition). The products are compatible with many of the commonly used fungicides, pesticides and herbicides. world.

Agrichem is committed to quality and innovation in liquid nutrition. We understand that liquid nutrition is a relatively new technology. Our aim is to deliver the right programs to maximize yield production. We recognize that working closely with the industry to provide ROI (Return on Investment) and liquid nutrition innovation will enable us all to grow more together.

For Suppliers
Bright Way Agrichem has a long standing record of prompt payment settlements. Our creditability has enabled us to secure the partnerships of several first class banks to aid in the advising and financing of multi natured international transactions. The company’s shipping division boasts an immense network of relationships with ship owners, agents, brokers and logistic companies ensuring no supplier is beyond our transport lines.

For Customers
Bright Way Agrichem has established an extensive supply base providing a variety of chemical products that cater to your specific individual needs. Together with our long standing relationship with first class banking partners, we will be able to offer you advice and flexibility on matters pertaining to methods of payment and credit terms. Furthermore, Bright Way’s competent shipping staff will utilise all available shipping mediums necessary to ensure cargo reaches its destination safely, promptly and at an extremely competitive freight rate. Thus relieving you of the burden of transport and passing cost savings to you.

For Potential Employees
Join Bright Way Agrichem and be a part of the tightly knitted team of highly experienced professionals who are ever ready to share their knowledge and expertise of the US$100 billion chemical fertilizer industry. You will gain valuable exposure and insights into this niche market which is expanding in importance as global demand of food increases with the population growth. As you grow together with our young company, you will not only hone a well rounded set of skills but also travel to various international conferences, interact with people from all around the world and establish long lasting relations with numerous industry partners.

“Agrichem believes in the efficient and sustainable application of innovative fertiliser products to enhance plant health and overall crop yields, whilst minimizing any environmental impacts”
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