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Customer Speak
“I have been associated with Bright Way for a long time. I am very happy to see the Chemical plant upkeep and it is worthy of appreciation. The hospitality extended by Mr. Jagannadha Rao and the team is more than expected. I wish luck to the organization and its members” - Dr. SN Pandey, Lucky Exports, Sudan

“I am happy for the fruitful discussion we had on the product, and the plantation experience. I hope the product efforts will expand much more and so the business interactions with NACL” - Mr. Shinichi Fujii, Mitsubishi, Japan

“We have been Bright Way dealers for the last 12 years. NACL has been very supportive in supplying stocks in time, necessary field work and building the required network. We found the company policies helpful. Farmers prefer Bright Way for its quality.” - Mr. Javvadi Nagabhushanam, Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Fertilizers

“We have been associated with Bright Way since the times of Sri KVK Raju and I was even present for the plant opening at Ethakota. Last two years have been even better in terms of business. Sivic as a product, is a success.” - Mr. Anji Babu, Sri Lakshmi Traders

“We have been NACL dealers since 1988. We find NACL to be strong, the policies are good, and we experienced minimal problems in our working. NACL contributes to 30% of our business. We have recommended to at least 5-6 others who have taken dealership with NACL.” - Mr. Prabhakar Rao, Sri Venkata Lakshmi Traders "Bright Way Agrichem has been providing products to us. We find the quality and delivery of products as per requirement, and responsiveness to be good. The technical know-how and product pricing could be better." - Nilesh H Gidiya, Vardhman Krishi, Pimpalgaon Baswant, Maharashtra

Guest Speak
“Thank you very much for the warm welcome and the hospitality. Pray the God Almighty to enrich the relationship between Bright Way Agrichem and the Sudanese nation through love, friendship & everlasting cooperation” - Prof Hassan Omar, Sudan

“It is a very beautiful and clean plant, very well-maintained. Keep this up. This is my first visit despite handling products from this plant for long years. Wish to come again and again.” - Mr. Deepak Kalia, Mitsubishi India

“Good for protecting of Environment” - Dr. R.K.Yadav, Nissan

“Very nice to see the interest shown on greenery and I am honored & pleased to plant one tree in your great organization. Your respect & commitment in protecting the mother earth is highly appreciated.” - Mr.P.Margabandu, HSEQ Auditor - Syngenta

Farmer Speak
“I have been in farming for 20 years. We use only Bright Way products because the quality is good. We tried all brands and settled for Bright Way. It is a trusted brand. The field staff has helped us to make our decisions. We have daily interactions with the Sales team and we are very happy with them.” - K Jagannadham, Progressive Farmer, Uradalapalem

“I am the only one in my family to remain in farming. All my family members have moved away and are settled abroad with higher education. We run into substitutes and these have never been effective. But Bright Way has a very good name for quality. The Sales Officer Srinivas has been doing tremendous work in guiding us for preventive care. We have been using Bright Way Agrichem products for the last 5 years and will continue to do so. Srinivas influenced all my fellow farmers in this area and we gained immensely with his inputs.” - Tataji, Progressive Farmer, Komarru

“We use products from Bright Way Agrichem. Our experience has been good in terms of Quality of products and their availability, and their pricing. We are very satisfied with the technical support extended by the company staff. We came to know about Bright Way products through their campaigns, staff visits and the launch of new products.” - Dilip Sitaram Medhane, Dindori Taluk

“Bright Way Agrichem products’ quality is very good. We find the pricing, technical support and the product availability to be good. Company staff visits helped us know about Bright Way products.” - Vikram P Shinde, Valkhed post

Associate Speak
“I have been here for almost 4 years. I feel responsible for my work because the environment is good with supportive managers and friends at workplace. Recent introduction of technology helped me to learn new ways of working. I enjoy the interactions with vendors, Indian & foreign guests, and the company associates who are spread across the country. I would recommend my friends to join the company” - Swathi, Executive, Front Office

“I was drawn to the brand Bright Way. I joined the company as an Assistant-cum-steno. Since then, I had opportunities to work in almost all functions including MD’s office. I was Factory Manager for Shadnagar unit and managed it for almost 10 years. I have grown along with the company. There is a lot of scope for Development e.g. SAP application on the job. I enjoy the work atmosphere, the location of the office and interactions with several people across levels and the recognition from the management for my contribution”- P Narendar, Manager - CPC, HPD (Completed 20 years of service with NACL on 4th April 2014)

“I joined Bright Way for its Brand image. The work environment is very conducive. We are given freedom to operate and experiment. The colleagues are good. The boss is very encouraging. He appreciates the good work done and acknowledges the contribution”. - Y Venkateswara Rao, Assistant Manager - Formulations, R&D, Shadnagar

“I have been working with NACL for the past 20 years. I enjoy the family like culture here and stress free working.” - D.Bapanna, Sr.Executive - Accounts, Sales & Marketing

“I have been working with NACL for 12 years now. NACL is one big family. The environment is good. Management is supportive. Employee welfare is good. There is scope for learning. Ever since I moved from Srikakulam to Ethakota, I handle more responsibility and feel good about it.” - Tata Rao, Sr. Executive - HPD, Ethakota

“We work in a stress free environment. But, have never failed over scheduled tasks. The management is very helpful and the work goes on smoothly. There were times when we worked till midnight to ensure the work is completed. NACL is a second home." - V. Satyanarayana, Deputy Manager - Finance & Accounts, Ethakota

"I joined Bright Way Agrichem 20 years ago. From my humble beginning, I grew to be a Deputy Manager. The reason for my long association with the company is the working environment. All of us work together and the management is very supportive. People at all levels extend cooperation. Management has given exposure to learning through different training sessions on Safety, First Aid and management skills, which have helped us grow. Along with this, welfare measures such as transport, medical insurance have helped us. Me and my family are forever grateful to Bright Way for the opportunity." - MVN Nagaraju, Deputy Manager - Materials, Srikakulam

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